dBSTAT for Windows is a complete system of integrated software programs  especially designed for the computer novice. It provides a simple and friendly interface that the user can master in no time

The system contains three major components.


dBSTAT for Windows simplifies data manipulation, comparison, and display.


An easy-to-use interface will ease you to analyzing data in an hour

dBSTAT has a professional database engine that supports Dbase III, Dbase IV ,


Clipper, FoxPro. You can import data in many spreadsheet formats(Excel, Lotus 1-2-3). It is also possible to import and export text files.


Using the dBSTAT Statistics Wizard, you can quickly analyze your data without


knowledge of statistical theory. Best of all, dBSTAT offers concise non- mathematical explanations of all results.

dBSTAT performs descriptive statistics, comparative statistics(z-test, t-test,


ANOVA ), nonparametric tests, correlation, regression, discriminant analysis and more. 


dBSTAT produce publishable-quality charts automatically when you analyze data.

Using the dBSTAT Graphics Wizard, you can quickly create any kinds of charts.




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